Better Bites

Better Bites is a system that learns your grocery shopping habits and needs, and gives you personalized recommendations for healthier alternatives while you're shopping. It was created to help low socio-economic shoppers make more nutritious choices among the grocery options available to them.

We submitted this project to the 2014 CHI Student Design Competition, and to WISH 2014.

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Better Bites Proposal Deck


Create a response to the 2014 CHI Student Design Competition prompt to "transform...incoming bodydata into self-knowledge”. The timeline for this project was 3 months.


Awarded Best Paper at WISH 2014

Process Summary

After deciding to explore the domain of nutrition in low socio-economic status groups, we observed grocery-shopping behavior in stores in different socio-economic communities, and interviewed various experts, such as nutritionists. An interview with a member of our target group furnished material for our persona. The insights from these informed our focus on sodium, saturated fat and fiber. They also led us to abandon certain initial concepts—such as presenting a recommended shopping list—and re-examine others we initially dropped, such as using “health grades”.

The prototype we developed went through two rounds of usability testing: the interface was significantly redesigned after the first round revealed issues with readability and heuristics.



Adobe InDesign

My Contribution    

Usability Test Scripting
Usability Testing Interviewing
Deck Preparation


Haley MacLeod
Stephen Layton
Scott Trepper